Recipe: Perfect Quiche lorraine

Quiche lorraine. For this classic recipe, crumbled bacon, Swiss cheese and a bit of diced onion are scattered in the bottom of a pastry shell and practically drowned in a luscious mixture of cream, eggs, sugar and cayenne pepper. The baked quiche is cooled slightly before being cut into beautiful wedges and served. Whisk together the eggs, half-and-half, milk, nutmeg, hot sauce, Worcestershire, salt and pepper in a.

Quiche lorraine We certainly understand our readers' obsession. Here, in our favorite version, the egg filling gets studded with flecks of green. This classic quiche lorraine is ideal for a brunch. You can cook Quiche lorraine using 5 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Quiche lorraine

  1. You need 1 of pâte feuilletée.
  2. You need 2 of œufs.
  3. You need 180 g of lardons.
  4. Prepare of Gruyère râpé.
  5. It's 200 ml of crème fraîche.

Try serving a wedge with fresh fruit of the season and homemade muffins for a plate that will look as good as the food tastes.—Marcy Cella, L'Anse, Michigan Line pastry with a double layer of aluminum foil. The mother of all quiche recipes is the Quiche Lorraine, a light custard with lots of bacon in a buttery crust. Quiche Lorraine--eggs, Swiss cheese and bacon baked in a pie crust--is cornerstone of any traditional brunch. Fast and fancy, a quiche was featured in nearly every issue of the seventies, but none was more popular than Quiche Lorraine.

Quiche lorraine step by step

  1. Préchauffer le four à 200°..
  2. Étaler la pâte dans un plat..
  3. Faire revenir les lardons avec l’oignon..
  4. Mélanger ensemble les œufs, la crème fraîche et le gruyère. Saler et poivrer..
  5. Verser les lardons sur la pâte puis votre mélange œufs / crème fraîche..
  6. Placer 40min au four et c’est prêt !.

By Makinze Gore and Lauren Miyashiro. Once you master this classic recipe, there's no quiche you can't make. Traditional quiche Lorraine is baked into a rich, custard-like texture thanks to the addition of sour cream to the recipe. By MKCortes (Latin Goddess) John's Quiche Lorraine. An eggy quiche rich with cream and bacon is a traditional favorite.

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