Big Dog Loves His Little Baby Girl
  • 07.07.2022
  • 2762

Big Dog Loves His Little Baby Girl Millions of people watched the touching video "Big Dog Loves His Little Baby Girl" recently. While it was a heartwarming story, it did raise some questions. The dog in question is Loki. While this dog is generally naughty, he grew to be much kinder and more nurturing as his baby sister grew up. The dog has since become an important role model for Tallulah, who spent her entire childhood with Loki by her side. The video depicts the happy relationship between the baby and the furry dog. Although the dog is cautious, he's excited to see the new addition. The video has received many comments and more than 1.7 million views. While it might seem a little apprehensive at first, watching your dog interact with a new baby is an adorable sight. You can even learn more about dog training by watching this video. Baby Girl was found on a suburban street in Green Bay, Wisconsin, tied to a fire hydrant with a leash. The owner of the dog, Kylie Rose Engelhardt, thought Baby Girl was just waiting to be found. She stopped to see if the puppy was safe, and spent an hour with her. She contacted the Wisconsin Humane Society, who later released a statement thanking the previous owner for leaving Baby Girl in their care.